Gardenia Nursery

Gardenia Nursery is Gardenia’s most recent opening, which is devoted to plant-production and plant nursery. Our skilled team continuously studies the growth of plants and as a result, Gardenia designated an exclusive area where plants are nurtured for until they have grown to a marketable size for retail sale. The nursery mainly consists of open fields and greenhouses, depending on the types of the plants. Once fully grown, the plants are accommodated for sale at our local stores in combination with our other imports. Our team cooperates to determine which plants have higher demands. Once selected, our nursery workers plant the seeds – or roots of plants imported from the Netherlands, in some cases – in rows and focus on nurturing them until they are fully grown. Our plant nursery consists of planting, harvesting, transplanting, cultivating, pruning, watering, and fertilizing. All workers are also careful to observe whether or not some of the plants have diseases. It takes careful monitoring and judgment until the plants reach the last stage of the process.