Gardenia Holding

About Us

Gardenia Group is a large agricultural organization consisting of various innovative projects in the field of agriculture and horticulture. Our projects can be adapted and executed during all seasons of the year. This means that Gardenia Group is more than just a plant shop. Gardenia Group has two branches in Kurdistan, including our Gardenia branch in Suleimaniya with a total area of ​​25,000 square meters and our branch in Erbil. All our branches distinguish themselves, compared to other agricultural and horticultural stores, by our large range of garden supplies, as well as a wide range of various garden and agricultural plants. We offer all this at very low prices, but of a very high quality. In the field of horticulture and agriculture you will be guided by the best experts. 

We want to protect the nature of Kurdistan and see the cities and even the villages in our region become green again. We do all this in a unique way with the help of Dutch agricultural science. In order to make our dreams come true, society must be involved. Gardenia wants to do this by transferring their knowledge to farmers and citizens and thereby together protecting the environment of the Kurdish region.

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